Tuesday, July 21, 2009


As promised, here are the other photos from this year's Eagle Train. We were really treated to a good show this year, and I was so glad the first-timers got a good dose of those fabulous birds! We were so excited, we are probably going to go on the Fall Foliage trip in October! The eagles will still be flying high!

This is a new shot of the Kuykendall House - looks about the same as last year, but we noticed there was furniture in it this year

This is the eave stone on the house. It reads, "1789 ISAAc Kuykendall", with a bad job of spacing!

When these ruins were a home, you can see what a magnificent view the residents had!

Various shots of the birds in flight

These are the shots that I was telling you about - the "UFO" that I picked up on them If you have the capability to magnify these three shots, you will see the small white object that appears in the distance. Heaven knows what it is, but it just seemed a little weird to see that
(I've done some magnification so you can see what showed up)

O.K., so that does it for this year's Eagle trip - all in all, a very nice day well-spent with new friends as well as old acquaintances! And of course it was a real joy to see those magnificent birds showing off for all of us!
Next trip - the National Zoo in July! Really looking forward to that! And you KNOW I'll have some pics for you then!

Enjoy! DaveKay
Images and captions courtesy of DaveKay
I've got 1 or 2 things to say, first sorry it took so long to get these up and second THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing your trips with all of us. I have a feeling DaveKay that this years trips will very special to you with those new eyes.
Looking forward to out next 'trip'. SAFE TRAVELS EVERYONE !!

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