Thursday, July 23, 2009


Well DaveKay has made the annual trip to National Zoo and is sharing the trip with all. First stop, (one of DaveKay's favs) is our boy Tai Shan.

Ever notice that no matter how expensive the gift is, kids really like the boxes, lol.

Then off to see those beautiful flamingos

Snack time

OK, I admit it, I can't find the email that was sent after the photos so I have no idea what birds these are but they are cute.

I do know what this one is though. (Seems to me I got real up close and personal with one once, lol)
Images courtesy of DaveKay.
Thanks DaveKay for sharing all your exciting trips with one and all. I, for one and I'm sure I'm not the only one, will more then likely never get the chance to visit these places and your sharing your trips enables me to 'see' many more places.
Looking forward to our next 'trip'. SAFE TRAVELS EVERYONE !!

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